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20 October 2010

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(no title)
4 July 2010

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4 June 2010

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5 January 2010

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Time Flies
9 December 2009

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Fallobst* i)
31 October 2009

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Seascapes iii)
26 August 2009

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Where's purple?
31 July 2009

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16 June 2009

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Evening Light ii)
23 April 2009

Thumbnail image

Is it done yet?
28 January 2009

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Naturpark Schöneberg 2
5 December 2008

Recent Comments

Ulla-who you met last summer on Spot The Difference
What a nice hat she has, wonder who have made that...

Tim freh on C.D. Friedrich 2.0
Great Picture. Are that lakes in the background?

sophron on C.D. Friedrich 2.0
eher 3.0 - level 2 haste ausgelassen. (und: ich seh ne subtile palme!)

Steve Rice on C.D. Friedrich 2.0

Sázky on ...jep
exellent image,nice shot , thanks

rem_la on ...jep
Mes meilleurs de santé et de prospérité pour cette nouvelle année 2011

Steve Rice on ...jep
Happy Holidays, Zahai!

sophron on ...jep
na immerhin wirds so nicht langweilig! - und: kann mensch helfen... beim probleme loesen und produzieren?

Ruch Poparcia on Bildungslücken
nice picture,exellent colours and tones,congrat.

katalog firm on Bildungslücken
Great shot,exellent colours and details

Mina on Vernetzung
ich mag ja die anschnitte ganz unglaublich, also das framing ohne das nur auf den rahmen zu beziehen...

Steve Rice on Bildungslücken
A lovely composition and another of your witty titles. Love it.

Steve Rice on Vernetzung
A cool and creative image! Super title, too.

Absimilard on Vernetzung
ein faszinierendes Foto. Es lässt auch verschiedene Deutungen zu. Nicht nur die Vernetztheit, sondern auch das man ...

Steve Rice on Lonely And Lost
I'm sorry she's lonely. Lovely light and sky.

Steve Rice on Heckenschütz_in, Detail
Headless indeed!

Steve Rice on Heckenschütz_in
A successful hunt by both parties.

sophron on Heckenschütz_in
das helmlicht ist ganz schoen weit oben!

Steve Rice on Spot The Difference
A nice pair of shots the two of you took!

Steve Rice on 28
Well seen.

Steve Rice on The Shop Must Go On
Totally cool!

Steve Rice on Short Distance Bubble And Fluff
Cuddly pet soap? Funny.

silver on Spot The Difference
i seeeeeee now

sophron on The Shop Must Go On

sophron on Sssst-ssssst
schicke (schatten)komposition... and strange mood.

Steve Rice on Glitter - Glisten - Gleam
Yes, it does. A nice perspective.

Steve Rice on Freiheit Für Hinter Gittern
A good composition and interesting idea.

Steve Rice on Sssst-ssssst
Be careful! It looks dangerous.

Steve Rice on Perpendicular

Steve Rice on Traces

Steve Rice on Fishy
Such a clever shot and title.

Steve Rice on Stairway To ...

Steve Rice on Stufenweise
Too cool! I love this composition.

Steve Rice on Qualifies as "Dreamy"
This is dreamy!

sophron on Perpendicular
schick! (farben & komposition!) - und: da war sogar sonne!

ORBIT on Traces
Awww....!!! : ) Goood job, Bravo. : ))

Mina on Fishy
da springt der fisch im dreieck ;)

Glo on Stairway To ...
nice angle and perspective

Mina on Stufenweise
sehr schick!

Manu on Stufenweise
good, good, good!

Soheil on Stufenweise
nice photo well done

Sonia Nansid on Stufenweise
Excellent image!

Laurent on Stufenweise
Very interesting composition !

marci on Stufenweise
really nice composition!

k@ on Stufenweise
Great set & work of elegance among the lines, Zaha*i

Jazz on Qualifies as "Dreamy"
nice, I like dreamy

Ryan on Stairway to the Moon
Fantastic image! Great job!

Steve Rice on Wegwerfgesellschaft iii)
I hope they ate the chocolate first. A really nice image.

rem_la on Wegwerfgesellschaft iii)
superbe cette composition !

Steve Rice on Wegwerfgesellschaft ii)

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